CASE STUDY: WBTV Welcomes Viewers to the Table with Fully Interactive Show Opening

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

Charlotte, NC – WBTV’s Morning Break recently invited viewers to the table to keep their talkers moving in this show opening.

While the hosts of Morning Break discussed the big entertainment, sports, and hard news stories of the day, each discussion was accompanied by an appropriate poll question. This all took place in rapid-fire succession with five polls within a ten-minute segment.

Beginning with a detailed “Call-to-Action,” viewers are given clear instructions and ample time get their devices ready well before the first question goes to air. Morning Break then took the questions to air with a variety of question styles, each appropriate to the tone of the current topic.

  • LiveReactions with emojis flying upwards on the right of the screen for softer entertainment and sports stories.


  • Viewer’s Choice (3 or more answers with a single image) for a question about how much damage a recent storm caused to viewer’s homes.


  • Hot or Not (A 2 answer question with a single image) for a simple yes or no question about Julie Chen leaving her talk show.


  • Reader’s Choice (3 or more answers with no images) for a tougher question about the #metoo movement.


WBTV increased user engagement by mixing up the topics and number of possible answers, each perfectly appropriate to the type of question being asked. They also paired the right type of Megaphone product with the seriousness of a given question.

For more information about how Megaphone’s interactive polling products can spice up your program and attract new sponsors in both live broadcasts and streaming, you can book a hands-on demo by clicking this link: