Home Viewers Play Live Trivia as Megaphone TV Teams Up with Nexstar’s WTVO Stateline Quiz Bowl

by | Aug 8, 2018 | Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

Rockford, Ill – Megaphone TV was very proud to partner up with Nexstar and WTVO in Rockford, Illinois to allow for viewers at home to stretch their Trivia muscles for this year’s Bergstrom Stateline Quiz Bowl season finale.


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The Stateline Quiz Bowl Tournament of Champions is a half hour game show that airs on WTVO Rockford and pits students from 32 local high schools against one another in a 31-week long marathon of knowledge across a myriad of subjects. Throughout the championship rounds, WTVO invited all the viewers at home to see how their own knowledge stacked up against the best and brightest high schoolers in Illinois all the way through to the championship finale between William Fremd and Metea Valley High Schools. The use of Megaphone’s live trivia suite was a fun way for the viewers at home to take part and put their own grey matter to the test. Like any other question posed to the contestants, show host Eric Wilson would read out the questions directly to the viewers. As the audience locked in their answers on their smart devices and played along with the show, the results were shown on the air in real time, resulting in a meta-competition to see who is the most knowledgeable viewer.

We at Megaphone TV would like to congratulate William Fremd High School for their ultimate victory in this season’s Bergstrom Stateline Quiz Bowl!