Megaphone TV Founder and CEO explains what Megaphone is all about in NAB 2018 interview

by | Jun 26, 2018 | Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

Las Vegas, NV – The Megaphone TV crew was clad in a sharply loud red suits that could be heard from across the NAB 2018 showroom so it was only natural that a few interested parties would stop by the Megaphone TV booth and check out what the company and its products are all about.


One of those visitors was Epiphan Video, a manufactuer of AV equipment based out of Ottawa, Canada and Palo Alto, California. Megaphone TV’s Founder and CEO Dan Albritton took the time to chat with our friends at Epiphan to explain what makes Megaphone such a breakthrough in broadcast television and the fun that can be had with its products. 

Topics that are covered in the literally colorful interview include how Megaphone’s live polling suite works, how far Megaphone’s reach is with stations and streamers around the world, live demonstrations of the products on offer, and an explanation of Megaphone’s philosophy of where the future of television is headed. 

You can check out Dan’s interview with Epiphan in the video below. 

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