Megaphone TV Founder and CEO Dan Albritton to speak at TVoT Conference on June 14.

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SAN FRANCISCO, California – Megaphone TV is pleased to announce that Founder and CEO Dan Albritton will be a featured speaker at the TV of Tomorrow (TVoT) conference in San Francisco June 13-14.

As CEO of Megaphone TV, Albritton has a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities around live audience interactivity that have surfaced as the television industry evolves to keep up with ever-changing technology and stiff competition from the streaming sphere.

Megaphone TV’s industry-leading and Emmy-winning live polling software finds itself right at the intersection of traditional broadcast, digital marketing, and real time gaming technology. The Megaphone platform is currently used by national and international TV broadcasters, 24 out of the top 25 local US broadcast markets, and appears on live streaming platforms around the globe.  

You won’t want to miss Dan’s panel on these and other topics as he provides valuable observations about the direction that television is headed as well as the short and long term goals of some of the world’s largest broadcasters.

Dan Albritton will be appearing on the “Live and Interactive!” panel in the Cypress Room, June 14, 10:55 – 11:45 am PT at TVoT in San Francisco.


Megaphone TV will have a presence at TVoT, where Albritton will be on hand to give personal, hands-on demos of Megaphone’s exciting products. To book a meeting and a hands-on demo, please click on this link:

More about Dan: Dan Albritton is the Founder and CEO of Megaphone TV. With a background in biomedical engineering at Columbia University and Interactive Telecommunications at NYU, he specializes in the area between TV production and game design. Dan and Megaphone TV have 3 Emmy nominations and one Emmy award. On the weekends he likes to race cars and motorcycles.

More about Megaphone: Megaphone TV is the world’s first Participation Entertainment Studio, created to meet the rapidly changing viewing habits of consumers. With 3 Emmy nominations and an Emmy Award for ‘Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media,’ Megaphone enhances the viewer experience of live video content through unique features such as interactive on-air graphics, nationwide realtime audience polling, contests and gaming, social media, and interactive ads tailored to any show. These products increase viewership and broadcaster revenues through title sponsorships and new ad formats. Megaphone TV’s broadcast and streaming clients include AMC, ABC, Bravo, CBS, FOX, NBC, Sinclair, TEGNA, TV Azteca, Univision, and YouTube. Megaphone also collaborates with production studios such as Fremantle Media to develop and produce inherently interactive programs that viewers love.