Megaphone TV’s Viewer Engagement Platform used to Help Decide Miss Mexicana Universal

by | May 17, 2018 | Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

TV Azteca allowed their viewers to share their judgment of the Miss Mexicana Universal Pageant by using Megaphone TV’s live viewer polling software. Unlike most usage of Megaphone TV that shows the polls in real time, TV Azteca kept the poll results private and more than 90,000 people voted on which contestant was most deserving of the title of Miss Mexicana Universal. Viewers were given 24 hours after the pageant aired to give their votes on TV Azteca’s website and the winner was announced the following week. It’s another example of how Megaphone TV takes television interactivity to a whole new level and puts unprecedented power to shape their shows directly into the hands of their viewers, now on a worldwide scale. 

Check out the clip of the host explaining to the audience how to vote for their favorite contestant in the clip below! The winner will be announced on May 27, 2018.