Megaphone TV Reveals Our First MegaStars

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Megaphone Updates | 0 comments

MEGAPHONE TV wants to shine a spotlight on some of the creative ways that broadcasters are using interactivity in their shows. That’s why we are launching a new MegaStars program to highlight innovative uses of Megaphone.

Our first MegaStars are from WXYZ Detroit. They are empowering viewers by letting them “Pick the Big Story”. Every Wednesday, WXYZ invites viewers to join their morning meeting via Facebook Live and then vote for the day’s Big Story:

Video Link: WXYZ Detroit: You Pick The Big Story

One of the big questions that broadcasters are asking is, “How can we connect social to our program in a meaningful way?”

  • By live streaming the story meeting, WXYZ gives its audience a new insight into the editorial process

  • By letting viewers participate in the selection of the Big Story, it engages loyal viewers and lets them feel personally invested in the newscast

To say thank you to WXYZ, Megaphone TV sent them a $200 Visa Gift Card to buy lunch for the newsroom.

We are always looking for examples of:

  • Great interactive content

  • Strong payoff (audience participation affects a show in an impactful way)

  • Unique and engaging sponsorship or contesting

  • Technically innovative use of Megaphone in broadcast or live stream

If your team is using Megaphone in a cool or innovative way, email and you could be our next MegaStar!