YouTube launches Primetime Gaming Lineup with Interactive Technology from Megaphone TV

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Gaming, Megaphone Updates, New Broadcaster, Streaming | 5 comments

YouTube celebrates the world of video games and gaming culture by bringing together top YouTube gaming content creators with the industry’s top designers and developers through the launch of an ambitious primetime destination video channel, “Primetime with YouTube Gaming.” 

Streaming weeknights during primetime hours on YouTube and the YouTube app, featured streamer personalities JeromeASF, MelonieMAC, FunHaus, ExpertThief, and ONE_shot_GURL launched the first week of “Primetime” with special editions of their streaming shows.  

A weekly live special, “Live with YouTube Gaming,” hosted by video game journalist Geoff Keighley takes the Thursday slot, focusing on the culture of video games and adds in-depth commentary and discussion about the latest games in a live talk show with featured streamers and developers as regular guests.

Megaphone TV’s interactive participation technologies are an integral part of the live experience, both during streamer shows in “Primetime” as well as on Keighley’s show “Live.”  Through a special Megaphone TV URL,, viewers use any internet connected device to vote on opinion questions. The home audience also can participate in the show through polls which provide the host with suggestions such as which game to play or which topic should be discussed with guests. Votes are tabulated and results are displayed in real time.  

To prime the audience, a multi-question interactive Quiz precedes the fast-paced “Live” show, focusing on trivia questions about the YouTube stars appearing on the show, music, and the culture of gaming. 

During the premiere episode of “Live,” the audience, through Megaphone TV’s participation technology, directly participated in the flow of the show and selected the topics that Keighley should discuss with the creators of the upcoming game “Titanfall 2” through instant polling.   

The audience also voted on the content they wanted to see as part the show, voting first to see Angry Joe’s “Minute” rant on video game manufacturer Square Enix.

Voiceover artists Troy Baker and Brian Hall were placed on the “Scene” improv stage and the audience voted to have them act out a scene with Baker as Uncharted’s Sam Drake “fighting for the good controller” with Hall as Winnie the Pooh..