Interactive TV: Split Decision On Winner In First Clinton / Trump Presidential Debate

by | Sep 27, 2016 | Broadcaster Success, Megaphone Updates, Responsive Reporting | 0 comments

Using Megaphone TV’s multiple Emmy-nominated participation TV technology, viewers from CBS affiliates KOVR in Sacramento and KTVT in Dallas joined the live nationwide conversation during the first debate of the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign season, the most watched debate in American history.

Folliowing the 90-minute live Presidential debate at Hempstead, New York’s Hofstra University, both audiences were immediately asked “Who won the debate”? Using Megaphone TV’s instant live on-air polling technology, viewers had the opportunity to cast their votes directly through each station’s websites, without requiring sign-in or a special app download. 

In results delivered in real time on both on-air and participants’ internet-connected devices, Sacramento viewers thought that Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton beat Republican nominee Donald Trump by a margin of 56%-38%, and Dallas viewers thought Trump won the evening with a slightly larger margin of 65%-35%.

Other notable poll results from Sacramento included:

– After 88% of those polled before the debate believed that this debate will not sway their opinion, 88% of those polled after the debate believed the first debate results did not change their candidate choice in November.

– 95% of those polled before the debate were planning on watching.

– 59% of those polled believed terrorism should be the debate’s primary topic.

Other notable poll results from Dallas included:

– 72% of those polled believe Donald Trump is the better candidate to improve the economy.

– 78% of those polled agree with Donald Trump’s plan to cut taxes on the wealthy, and 56% agree with Hillary Clinton’s plan to raise taxes on the wealthy.

– 68% of those polled believed that Donald Trump was more believable in the debate.

Megaphone TV’s real time and dynamic playlist technologies enable stations to deliver both pre-produced and instant exclusive second-screen only content to its connected viewers, including in-debate instant “Fact Checks” and background information on the topics being discussed.