Megaphone enhanced Jewelry Television’s “Girlfriend Friday” broadcast with a successful launch of a live interactive trivia contest with social media moderation and display during the show, bringing Megaphone technology to live television home shopping for the first time.

JTV Play will enhance the viewer experience through features such as interactive on-air graphics, moderated social media conversations, nationwide real-time audience polling, as well as contests and games tailored specifically to complement home shopping programming. 

“As we continue to develop innovative content strategies, such as our current reality-style show, JTV’s Rock Star Designer, we believe inviting audiences to personally share in the programming experience will drive tune-in and increase viewership,” said Tim Engle, Chief Strategy Officer for JTV. “JTV has traditionally been a transactional retail organization and JTV Play will help us engage viewers on a more meaningful level.” 

JTV Play will serve as the platform for moderated real-time social media interaction, viewer’s choice polling, interactive quizzes, mini game shows and more. All of this will take place on screen as hosts continue to present and sell jewelry and gemstones.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have JTV as a partner in bringing participation TV to an entirely new type of programming,” said Dan Albritton, founder and CEO of Megaphone TV. “Our mission is to give the home audience the feeling of being in the studio with their favorite on-air personalities, and let them have a meaningful impact on a show as it progresses. With JTV’s programming, we’ll not only increase audience engagement, but drive new sources of revenue and data.”

“Megaphone TV’s work on the television series, ‘Talking Dead,’ has been recognized with an Emmy® nomination for Outstanding Interactive Program, as part of the 67th Primetime Creative Arts Emmy® Awards,” said Engle. “That’s the kind of innovation we want to bring to our viewers via JTV Play.”

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