WNBC-TV "Sports Final"

by | Oct 20, 2015 | Broadcaster Success, Megaphone Updates, New Broadcaster, Sports | 0 comments

After the New York Mets defeated the Chicago Cubs in Game 2 of the National League Championship series, WNBC-TV’s “Sports Final” wrapped up coverage for the night with 3 rapid fire “Hot or Not” questions from Megaphone TV.

WNBC’s Bruce Beck from Studio 3C in Rockefeller Center and John Chandler live from Citi Field took the pulse of the New York audience and  invited viewers to “Sound Off” and answered 3 questions live on air: 

–  Will the Mets sweep the series?

–  Will Jacob deGrom be as dominant in game 3 as he was in the Division Series?

– If Daniel Murphy ran for Mayor right now, would he win in a landslide?

While the audience voted, Bruce and John participated as well, discussing their own answers to the question.

Watch the clip to see the results!