Turn any event into a prediction game.

Our best audience engagement and sponsorship feature has arrived.

How Prediction Works

Create Game

Award Points

Viewers Predict Results

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Kick Engagement & Sponsorship Into Overdrive

Our most powerful engagement tool

Season-long gameplay

Built-in leaderboard

Broadcast-ready graphics

Collect valuable opt-in data

Perfect for sports, award shows, & reality TV

Turn any event into a guessing game

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Set-it-and-forget-it scheduling

Meet Prediction

Prediction is our newest feature that allows you to turn any event into a prediction game.

Keep viewers guessing what will happen next and sponsors hooked on their amazing results.

Prediction for sports

Prediction games are perfect for the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC – even high school sports!

Create a prediction game for a single play, match, series, or an entire season.

Prediction for politics

Have your viewers guess the outcome of political events like local, state-wide, or national elections.

Launch a prediction game for who will win, how many seats each party will have, or the total number of votes cast.

Prediction for reality TV

Produce addictive content for reality TV.

Start prediction games for who will be voted off the island, who will be crowned best dancer, or who will be voted the best singer.

Prediction for award shows

The Oscars, The Emmys, The Grammys.

Viewers love watching – and guessing – who will win!

Prediction games allow people to guess who will win the top prizes.

Sponsors ❤️ Prediction

Prediction games offer high engagement, repeat participation, and excellent brand exposure for sponsors.

Collect valuable opt-in data from players to drive even better results.


Schedule prediction games in advance so you never have to worry about keeping up with events.

Create a year’s worth of prediction games in just minutes.

Broadcast-ready leaderboard

Our built-in, broadcast-ready leaderboard displays results in real-time.

Automatically calculate the winner based on player scores.