Univision Uses Megaphone TV to Drive On-air Sponsorship and ViX Subscriptions

by | Aug 4, 2023 | Competition, Interactive Sponsorship, Reality Show, Univision

Univision’s megahit reality TV series La Casa de los Famosos Mexico broke new ground recently as it became the first broadcaster in North America to use Megaphone TV’s interactive sponsorship platform to drive both on-air sponsorship AND digital subscriptions.


Megaphone TV’s interactive sponsorship platform has always emphasized on-air sponsorship, an essential element of premium advertising.

Univision secured DiDi – a leading food and meal delivery service – as their interactive sponsor for La Casa de los Famosos Mexico, with DiDi’s branding as part of the audience voting experience.

DiDi not only took advantage of a traditional on-air billboard sponsorship and mobile sponsorship, but Univision also secured DiDi as an immersive sponsor within the broadcast, building a custom-branded set that was an integral part of the broadcast.

DiDi’s sponsored mobile voting experience with lead capture.

DiDi’s sponsored on-air segment and the custom-branded DiDi set.

This 360° sponsorship format is a global first for any broadcaster using the Megaphone TV interactive sponsorship platform. It highlights the best-in-class sponsorship integration that can be unlocked with interactive content.


Whether it’s a lead for a local car salesperson, a sale at an e-commerce retailer, or a subscription to a newsletter, Megaphone TV’s interactive sponsorship platform is designed to deliver real-time results for advertisers.

During the season, viewers could vote for the participants they wanted to keep or evict from Univision’s distinctive version of the Big Brother series format.

But Univision saw an opportunity to convert devoted fans into new subscribers to their over-the-top streaming service ViX.

Univision encouraged voters to subscribe to ViX to unlock extra votes.

Univision attracted thousands of new ViX users by providing additional votes to those who subscribed to ViX during the show. This technique of activating digital subscriptions is one of the critical features of the Megaphone TV platform.

Moreover, with custom SSO integrations, digital subscription services can be a compelling incentive for series enthusiasts to become new customers.


Megaphone TV’s interactive sponsorship platform helps brands and broadcasters achieve quick results and return on investment for their campaigns.

Our polls, quizzes, voting systems, prediction games, user-generated content, and social media integration are designed to help broadcasters increase revenue and help advertisers achieve their desired outcomes from on-air and digital advertising investments. These features are sponsor-friendly and provide innovative solutions for broadcasters and advertisers alike.

We’re thrilled at the success that Univision, La Casa de los Famosos Mexico, DiDi, and ViX are seeing with their interactive sponsorships, and we are excited about what they do next with our platform.