Megaphone TV Powers the Push Awards to 78 Million Votes

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Awards, ABS-CBN, Awards Show, Broadcaster Success, Megaphone Updates, Voting

Voting for ABS-CBN’s Push Awards closed recently, totaling over 78 million votes across 12 categories!


ABS-CBN, a leading media and entertainment organization in the Philippines, partnered with Megaphone TV for the Push Awards, celebrating the most influential digital media personalities.

This collaboration resulted in an unprecedented national fan turnout, showcasing the power of our interactive technology in fan-voting events and the reliability of the Megaphone TV platform for high-stakes broadcasts.


A Seamless Voting Experience

Using Megaphone TV, fans could vote across 12 different categories.

The Push Awards were a testament to the power of fan engagement. They allowed viewers to vote across 12 categories. Fans could vote on the ABS-CBN website and app using our Megaphone TV’s audience engagement integrations.

This year, the awards saw an overwhelming response, with over 78 million votes cast.

Megaphone TV’s robust audience engagement features were at the heart of this process, ensuring a seamless and error-free voting experience. Our platform’s reliability and accuracy allowed fans to participate confidently, knowing their voices would be heard.


The Megaphone TV Difference

Fans could vote multiple times for their favorite digital influencers via ABS-CBN’s website and Megaphone TV’s web and app integrations.


Megaphone TV’s contribution to the Push Awards went beyond technical support. It was about creating a connection between fans and their favorite digital influencers.

The platform’s ease of processing a high volume of interactions meant that ABS-CBN could focus on what matters most: celebrating the achievements of digital media personalities.

The result was a flawless event that resonated with the national influencer fan base and set a new standard for fan-voting shows in the Philippines.


Why Broadcasters Need Megaphone TV

The success of the Push Awards can be replicated by any broadcaster interested in driving audience engagement for awards shows, contests, sporting events, or other viewer-obsessed content.

Our platform’s ability to engage large audiences and maintain vote integrity makes it invaluable for any broadcaster looking to enhance their fan-voting shows.

With Megaphone TV, broadcasters can deliver an exceptional fan experience that engages and retains viewership.


Elevate Your Fan Experience

Megaphone TV’s role in the Push Awards is an excellent example of how interactive technology can elevate the fan experience. With Megaphone TV’s interactive sponsorship features, you can turn fan voting into valuable advertising and sponsorship real estate for brands excited to be part of the show.

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