Bring Tweets to Air with X to TV!

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Interactive Sponsorship, Megaphone Updates, Uncategorized, X to TV

Our new X to TV feature makes keeping up with breaking social news a breeze.

Broadcasting X (Twitter) content can be complicated for many stations.

With X to TV, it’s easier than ever.

Just copy and paste Tweets into our platform, and they’ll be automatically formatted for television.

That’s it!

You can choose from several pre-built layout options or create one to meet your needs.


Some of the layout options included with our new X to TV feature. Users can also create custom layouts by adjusting the size and position of the Tweet.


X to TV is more than a simple way to cover social media news. It’s also a powerful tool for helping local stations create premium branded content for advertisers.

With sponsored X to TV, you can encourage viewers to submit Tweets to branded segments and promote branded hashtags.

Using X to TV, stations can connect commercial and social media advertising for sponsors and recover revenue lost to digital marketing.

X to TV ensures sponsors’ complete brand safety by simplifying the process of accepting, moderating, and broadcasting Tweets. Nothing goes on air without approval.