Simple Concept.
Powerful Results.

Discover how interactive sponsorship can help you create engaging broadcast content and skyrocket ad revenue.

Simple Concept.
Powerful Results.

Discover how interactive sponsorship can help you create engaging broadcast content and skyrocket ad revenue.

Interactive Sponsorship 101

1. Create interactive content

Use our 100% web-based system to create a piece of interactive content.

It could be a poll, a trivia segment, or a prediction game.

2. Attach Sponsorship

Each piece of interactive content is a revenue opportunity, providing valuable data and immediate results to advertisers.

Bundle your on-air and online sponsorship opportunities and increase your ad inventory value.

3. Trigger a pop-up offer

Pop-up offers help you and your sponsors collect valuable opt-in data, drive lead generation, and push sales.

Easily create pop-up offers that deliver the exact results your advertisers are looking for.

4. Choose a home for your engagement

Doing a news poll?

Host it on your station’s website.

Running a sponsored sports poll?

Let it live on your sponsor’s website or app.

We make it easy for you and your sponsors to see the greatest impact from interactive content by driving audiences exactly where you want them to go.

5. Go Live!

Broadcast your interactive experience and encourage your viewers to participate.

The magic happens when you make it a regular part of your shows.

6. Rinse and repeat!

The more you use us, the better the results!

Broadcasters see improved audience engagement, retention, and participation.

Sponsors see enhanced brand awareness, lead generation, and online sales activity.


What is interactive content?

Interactive content is any content viewers at home can engage with to impact a live broadcast.

This can be done by participating in a real-time poll, a trivia game, sending a UGC, or playing a broadcast prediction game.

Why is interactive content critical to broadcasters?

Interactive content helps:

  • Retain, attract, and grow viewership
  • Increase sponsorship and advertising opportunities for your broadcast
  • Drives viewers to your – or your sponsor’s – website
  • Collect valuable opt-in user data

How can interactive sponsorship boost my station’s revenues?

Interactive content can significantly expand your revenue potential by creating new sponsorship opportunities and allowing you to sell bigger advertising packages.

Interactive sponsorship is often bundled with traditional on-air and online advertising inventory to provide a powerful promotional campaign.

Interactive content’s unique on-air and online experience provides brands with enhanced brand awareness, immediate sales potential, and valuable opt-in data for continued digital marketing efforts.

Why do sponsors and advertisers love interactive content?

Because it works!

Our interactive experiences ensure the full attention of participating viewers – and full attention is what sponsors, and advertisers want.

Due to audiences participating via their phones, tablets, and computers, sponsors can benefit from additional analytics, conversion tools, and digital marketing options not available in traditional TV advertising.

Can you boost my web traffic?


Adding just a few lines of code to your – or your sponsor’s – website allows viewers to vote on polls, participate in trivia, or play Prediction games.

Turning a website into the hub for your interactive content guarantees more visitors and allows for improved on-site sponsorship opportunities.

Can you integrate interactive content into my app?


Our interactive content is easily added to any mobile app with just a few lines of code.

What are your technical requirements?

We don’t require any special broadcast hardware or software.

Our platform is 100% web-based and works on any modern web browser, on a PC or MAC. (We do recommend you use Chrome.)

Our broadcast graphics are rendered on a green screen to be easily chroma-keyed via your switcher or graphics software.

We support HDMI and NDI to switchers, SDI (with Blackmagic card) to a downstream keyer, API connections to VizRT or Chyron, etc.

Can you help train our sales teams to promote interactive content to our advertisers?


Your subscription includes complete and comprehensive, best-practices training on using our platform -plus marketing it to your advertisers – at no additional charge.

What kind of support do you provide?

For most of our clients, we provide unlimited business hours phone and email support.

We can develop a custom support package for power users that meets your broadcast demands.

However, all clients receive regular customer success check-ins from our team to guide you on how to get the most from your subscription for your station and sponsors.

Want to See Us in Action?

Let us know your goals, and we’ll show you how to meet them!

Our team is 100% committed to your – and your sponsors’ – success.