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About Megaphone tv:

Megaphone TV is the #1 interactive sponsorship platform for broadcasters of all sizes, but we didn’t start that way.

Fifteen years ago, Megaphone TV set out to change how the world interacted with live content.

Instead of being mere viewers, we wanted audiences to participate in the broadcasts they were watching.

Turning passive audiences into active contributors to live television segments created deeper bonds with broadcasters, increased audience retention, and boosted viewer engagement.

But it also did something else. It increased those segments’ commercial value and unlocked new revenue sources for broadcasters.

We realized that Megaphone TV’s true value to any broadcast organization was helping them sell more.

More commercials.

More on-air promotions.

More native advertising.


Today, Megaphone TV helps more broadcasters sell more interactive sponsorship packages than any other platform.

Our knowledge of broadcast markets, the challenges of television ad sales, and our expertise in bridging digital divides have made us the perfect partner for local stations, RSNs, and national broadcasters looking to make more revenue.

Megaphone TV’s interactive sponsorship platform has been designed and developed with a singular purpose: to help you sell bigger ad packages.

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